Three days ago Girlboss happened on Netflix and I did binge watch it all in
one day.

I had seen the many Instagram posts via the Girlboss Instagram page and had no
idea what it was all about. If you happened to have been like me and had no
idea that the Girlboss Instapage + Nasty Gal + Girlboss Netflix show, were all
related and that the Girlboss Instagram page wasn’t just a page pushing a
feminist attitude- well hallelujah you are not alone. It just so happens to be
a ‘rough’ copy of Sophia Ammoruso journey in the roots of her company Nasty
Girl. There really isn’t much feminism in there but it is full of inspiration
of the empowerment in starting your own business, despite all odds and being
your own boss. Surround yourself with the right people that want to help you on
your journey and BOOM anything is possible, just try not to be too much of
 a bitch along the way. Oh and some kick ass wardrobe throughout that
makes anyone long back to their inner rock chick channelling Juliette Lewis,
paired with some sweet tunes rocking it out. Britt Robertson looks sexy as hell
in the skin of her attitude, wardrobe and hair . 

So now for the real reason behind this post, the team behind it…the make-up
and wardrobe department. The GirlBoss essence,  It’s sexy, stylish and
flawless throughout, Make-up Artist Marianna Elias (Instagram @mariannamakeup1),
Shutchai Tym Buacharern (Instagram @makeupbytym)
and Christine Choi (Instagram @makeupartistla)
did an amazing job. There are no flaws with it, wardrobe, makeup and hair
department collaborating together seamlessly, making you wish to own a pair of
flared jeans, a bob and some printed tee with whatever funky boots you can get
your hands on. 

Hot, sexy and powerful attitude in being a women taking charge of her own
life being her own boss! With sometimes a destructive freak out…but we can
forgive her for that, being your own boss and building a business looks hard!

The simple fresh skinned, youthful look seen through, paired with a
hairstyle that will make anyone want a fringe again. Beautifully styled by
hairstylist Sharisse Fine (Instagram @sharissefine)
. A carefree underrated style that looks easy non distracting yet full of so
much sass.

Costume Designer Audrey Fisher (Instagram @audrey.fisher)
did a fantastic job in the wardrobe department on Britt Robertson. Audrey sort
her inspiration from the most true to life place of all, Sophia Ammoruso very
own wardrobe. All items seen in Girlboss are influenced by Sophia. Many of the
items seen in the program were Vintage themselves, along with ones made
especially for Britt. My favourite and most likely for many others,  are
those Red flared jeans and that beautiful metallic pink and blue silver
butterfly jacket both seen in the first episode, that original 1970s East/West
calfskin motorcycle jacket. Most women could relate to the power felt when you
put something on and you have all the confidence in the world whilst wearing

Over-all the program is a great watch, the soundtrack, to the fashion
throwbacks and to the make-up and hair that are beautiful on the eye. Strong
individual style with a character that’s fun to watch and in many ways a girl
will find a way to relate. There is a tone of empowerment and determination to
dream, work hard and simply be your own boss of your life, Even when your the
least expected to achieve.

Girl BOSS it whilst wearing some kick ass flares flooding with confidence!
You’ve got this!